Estonian company with good service

ESTeel OÜ is a company specializing in labor leasing. We lease workers for various types of construction and industrial work, in particular the production of precast concrete products and construction sites. The company is based in Tallinn.


About us

We invest in good service. Our customers' satisfaction is a matter of honor for us.

We are part of the Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy Reliable Partner program. The information you can find on the website .

The history of the company begins in 2018.

Today, our focus is on hiring staff.

A professional workforce guarantees quality

A lot of experience and a wide partner network is necessary to find qualified workforce. We carefully monitor the skill level, motivation and commitment of employees. A lot of our employees have been working with us for many years, performing various tasks, and we have built mutual trust.

We maintain a non-stop contact with both our customers and our employees. We want to make a contribution to the creation of a well-functioning working community.